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Looking to upgrade your bathroom design but not sure where to start?

We’ve put together some ideas – ranging from the functional to the purely aesthetic –  for how to make that  part of your house more pleasing to look at and spend time in. 

Don’t underestimate what a few enhancements to your bathroom design can do for your mood. After all, the bathroom plays a big part in how most of us start and get ready for each day, or unwind at the end of it. 

Here are just a few ways you can make the bathroom one of your favourite spots in your home!

Frameless glass shower partitions 

Frameless glass partitions are a great choice for instantly making your bathroom look more stylish. They can create a sleek, minimalist look, but also lend themselves well to more traditional designs.

They work great to visually open up smaller spaces, as unlike opaque barriers they don’t split up the space and instead allow light to flow freely. 

On top of that, they’re also very functional: glass is very easy to clean, and maintains its appearance despite regular exposure to water and cleaning products.  

High-contrast monochrome

Monochrome is a popular option for bathrooms because it creates such a clean look, but if you want something with a little more visual impact, then try upping the contrast. 

A bathroom design featuring a high contrast monochrome look and frameless glass shower partitions.

The frameless shower partitions, and the high contrast from the black and white vanity and black shower head give this bathroom a cool, modern feel.

Vanity mirror lighting

If you enjoy spending time getting ready – whether it’s your hair and skin care, makeup, or facial hair, then investing in good lighting for your vanity mirror will definitely be worth it. 

Try LED backlighting for a sleek, modern look that will illuminate your face with a bright, but soft and diffuse light. 

Vanity mirrors backlit with LED

LED lights installed behind these mirrors provide ample lighting above this floating vanity.

Want something a little more “extra”? Try Hollywood-style light bulbs, which are certain to make you feel glamorous while you get ready.

Hollywood-style mirror lights

These Hollywood-style mirror lights will have you feeling ready for your closeup.

Adding a skylight 

Speaking of light, why not let some natural light into your bathroom with skylights? 

Adding a skylight over your bath or shower can instantly make a room feel lighter and fresher, without the privacy concerns you would have with windows. 

There’s also the option of having vented skylights, which can improve air circulation as an added bonus. 

A skylight above the shower makes this bathroom design feel fresh and bright

A skylight above the shower makes this bathroom design feel fresh and light.

Built-in storage

Does your bathroom storage comprise only cabinets and hanging caddies? If so, you may want to explore built-in storage solutions. 

Not only can these help with creating a more streamlined look, but when designed well, can give you more storage space and easier access. They can also be easier to clean. 

Recessed shelves and a niche

Recessed shelves and a niche give this bathroom stylish and easy-to-access storage.

Floating vanity

One of the most-requested bathroom joinery upgrades among our clients is to replace their freestanding vanity with a floating one. 

On top of being aesthetically pleasing, floating vanities also make cleaning easier, as you can simply mop or wash the floor underneath without worrying about the vanity legs getting wet. 

It’s also a versatile enough look that can work with everything from traditional to industrial designs, and a wide range of finishes. 

Above-counter basins

Another element that has steadily gained popularity in recent years above-counter basins. These vessels come in a wide variety of materials and finishes, and can really anchor the look of your bathroom design. 

An above counter vessel basin

Above-counter vessel basins like this one come in a wide range of finishes.

Tile layout patterns

It’s not just the choice of the tiles themselves that you can experiment with to create diverse effects – it’s also the layout. 

Instead of the usual running bond or stacked pattern, you could try a herringbone, crosshatch or chevron placement.

Herringbone tile pattern

The herringbone pattern of these tiles create visual interest while still being subtle and elegant.

Floor-to-ceiling tiles 

Floor-to-ceiling tiles are a great choice for making the bathroom design look more cohesive and polished. 

Having tiles go all the way up to your wall can also make the space look bigger; as the wall isn’t divided horizontally, it creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. 

They also have the benefit of making the entire wall waterproof, and therefore easier to clean and free of mould. 

Mix and match different styles and materials 

Both traditional and modern design styles can make a bathroom look great, but don’t think you have to go fully in one direction or the other. 

You can combine elements of both to make a stylish bathroom, if you have a keen eye for balance and visual harmony. 

For instance, try pairing modern, industrial-style hardware with opulent marble tiles, or more traditional brass sconces and mirror frames in an otherwise very minimalist bathroom design. 

Ready to make your bathroom design ideas a reality? 

Of course, even the best bathroom design ideas will only look good if they’re executed well. 

Our team is ready to design and build your dream bathroom upgrades with the highest level of attention to detail, and solid expertise in working with different materials. 

We’ll also keep you informed every step of the way, making recommendations for not only aesthetics but also durability and ease of use. 

We do everything from custom joinery and tiling to plumbing and electrical, saving you the hassle of having to hire and coordinate multiple teams to build or renovate your bathroom

Get in touch with us through the form above or call us at 1300 627 397 to get your bathroom upgrades started.